Anti-dam activist in Isaan accused of violating Referendum Act

Local authorities in the northeast of Thailand have accused an anti-dam activist of breaching the controversial Referendum Act after he criticized the draft charter on his Facebook three weeks ago.   
On Thursday, 28 July 2016, Kritsakorn Silarak, an anti-dam activist from the Assembly of the Poor, posted on his Facebook account that two soldiers, two administrative officials and four police officers came to his office in Ubon Ratchathani Province. 
This came after local Election Commission of Thailand officials filed a complaint against Kritsakon on 26 July for breaching Article 61(2) of the Referendum Act, alleging that he disrupted the process of the August referendum.
Three weeks ago, Kritsakorn criticized the junta-sponsored draft charter on his Facebook account and added that he will reject it in the upcoming referendum. After publishing the post, he received a call from a soldier asking him to delete it but he refused the request. 
Authorities visit Kritsakorn's office but he was not there