Prevent coups by enshrining them in constitution: Thailand’s statesmen

With only a week to the draft charter referendum, Thailand’s statesmen have urged the junta to use its absolute power to enshrine coups d’état into the constitution, ironically adding that this amendment will prevent future coups.
On Friday, 29 July 2016, Gen Saiyud Kerdphol, the Chairperson of Thailand’s Statesmen’s Group, proposed that the junta should amend the draft constitution, which will be subjected to the 7 August referendum, to enshrine coups d’état into the draft, reported Thai News Agency (TNA). 
The statesman suggested that the draft should allow the military to take power during a political deadlock. 
Gen Saiyud said that the junta should invoke Article 44 of the Interim Charter to amend Article 8 of the draft charter, which currently states that “the King is the Supreme Commander of Thailand’s military,” to allow the military to declare martial law during a political crisis. After that the military shall invite an experienced person as a ‘caretaker’ to run the country for up to two years and then host a general election, the statesman added. 
Gen Saiyud added that the amendment will benefit Thailand in long run since it will protect Thailand from coups d’état in the future, adding that the amendment must be made within seven days and will not affect the date of the referendum, reported TNA.
“The statesmen want only to propose an alternative for the country. We’ve estimated that the amendment can be done under Article 44 and this will be sustainable for the country. There will be no more coups d’état,” TNA quoted Gen Saiyud as saying.
Gen Saiyud Kerdphol (source: Matichon Online)