Mara Patani condemns bombing of school in Deep South

An insurgent umbrella organisation in Thailand’s restive Deep South has insisted it was not involved in a recent bomb attack that killed a 4-year-old girl and her father.
On 9 July 2016, the Mara Patani group posted on its official Facebook page a statement condemning the bomb attacks. The bombing occurred three days earlier at a school in Tak Bai District, in the Deep South province of Narathiwat. The statement insisted that Mara Patani was in no way involved in the attack.
Mara Patani is an umbrella network representing insurgents in the Deep South of Thailand. The network is engaged in the process of initiating peace talks with the Thai government.
The statement also urged the government to conduct a thorough search for the bombers, adding that Mara Patani strongly supported non-violent methods and peace talks with the Thai government.
This report was translated from Malay into Thai by Hara Shintaro and first published by Matichon Online.   
Key Mara Patani members at peace talks with the Thai government (Photo from Matichon Online)

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