40 Years after the 6th October Massacre, is it all forgotten?

40 Years after the 6th October Massacre, is it all forgotten?
For the death, the living and for the future of our society.
This year arrives the 40th Anniversary of the 6th October Massacre, the most dreadful and horrible incident of Thai history. One which some try to forget, and most never heard about. In order to honor the memory of that eventful day, we therefore would like to announce the event “40 Years, 6th October”, to remind us what happened on that day and to go over it as a lesson for our beloved Thai society.
The event “40 Years, 6th October” will take place on 6-8th October 2016 at Thammasat University (Tha Prachan Campus). It consist of numerous activity available to participate, such as a play dedicate to 6th October 1976, paying homage under Buddhist believe for the death, three days documentary film festival, seminar and discussing session, music tribute and Book Fair.
There is a famous saying that “those who can not remember the past are condemn to repeat it”, and we truly do believe that this saying is, in so many layers, true. We strongly hope that, in our attempt to try to review and re-learned the past, the present will take notice of our event and we can try to shape the better future for our society.
Truly and respectfully yours,    
The 40th Years 6th October Committee 
For more information on the event: https://www.facebook.com/6tula2519/