Social media will comply with Thailand’s censorship, says Digital Minster

The application Line will cooperate with the Thai junta to suppress lèse majesté content during the period of national mourning for the late King, claims Thailand’s Digital Minister. He added that the junta will talk to Facebook next week.
On 27 October 2016, ACM Prajin Junthong, the caretaker Minister for Digital Economy and Society (DE) joined a meeting at Government House between representatives of Line, the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) and the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), reported Matichon Online. 
The meeting aimed to seek cooperation from social media in suppressing lèse majesté content during the mourning period for King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Similar meeting with Google and Youtube was also held last weekend. 
After the meeting, Prajin told the media that Line is willing to comply with the junta’s censorship measures, saying the Line headquarters in Japan will set up a steering committee to investigate reports of lèse majesté. 
The committee will coordinate with the Thai embassy in Japan, NBCT, TCSD and INTERPOL in searching for lèse majesté content and users.  
“Last week, we have strictly suppressed lèse majesté web pages and online content threatening national security. This week we’ve invited high executives from Line, whose headquarters are in Japan, to a talk,” said Prajin.
According to Prajin, Line started its operations against lèse majesté a week ago and the meeting was just to create common ground. He added the junta is seeking cooperation from Facebook, with a similar meeting expected next week. 
The Minister stated that the junta has received close cooperation from Google and YouTube after their meetings last weekend, with many lèse majesté web pages blocked since then. 
The junta will publish a report on the suppression of online lèse majesté content on 1 November, according to Prajin. 
ACM Prajin Junthong (Photo from Matichon Online)

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