Amnesty International human rights film prohibited

Despite permission from the local military, a Thai university has barred Amnesty International (AI) from showing a documentary about racial persecution in Africa, citing inappropriate timing.   
On 9 November, the Deputy Dean of Khon Kaen University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences cancelled a film show by AI featuring “White Shadow,” a documentary about the persecution of albinos in East Africa. The issue has no connection at all with Thailand’s political situation. 
AI’s staff Petcharat Saksirivetkul‎ told Prachatai that the local military had already granted permission for the event. A military officer also said he would attend the session out of his interest. 
The University itself, however, ordered the show cancelled, citing the inappropriate timing and concern that so many people might attend the session that the university could not handle them.   
Petcharat added it is sad that even though the military had already allowed the activity, the University, which should be a space for education and academic freedom, censored itself.