Section 44 to be used for Uber, car-sharing app crackdown

After arresting 18 Uber drivers, the Land Transportation Department has announced that it might ask the junta leader to use his absolute power under the Interim Constitution to crack down on taxi or car-sharing apps.   

On 7 March 2017, Nanthapong Cherdchu, Deputy Director-General of the Land Transportation Department, told the media that the agency might propose the use of the government’s absolute power under Section 44 of the Interim Constitution to crackdown on Uber, Grab and other car-sharing application services.

“We might propose the use of Article 44 to close the applications,” said Nanthapong, adding “it is destroying the public transportation system.”

He said that Thai people should understand that the car service applications are illegal and users have little legal protection if accidents occur.

The statement from the Department came after a conflict erupted between the local ‘rod daeng’ (modified red pick-ups) in Chiang Mai and services operated by Uber and other app-based organizations.

Currently, the rod daeng drivers are cooperating with local and transportation officials in the province to arrest and fine Uber and Grab taxi operators.

In response, consumers preferring Uber and Grab services have launched a campaign on to collect signatures in support for their services. So far, 9,362 people have signed out of 10,000 needed.

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