Thai teacher humiliates students by shaving their heads

A Thai maths teacher has boasted proudly of humiliating students by shaving some of their hair.   

On 18 May 2017, a maths teacher of Hua Phluang Community School in Tha Tako District of Nakhon Sawan Province whose Facebook account name is ‘Worawut Sirithum’, posted a set of photos of schoolchildren with their heads shaved unevenly.

“For those who asked for it, I have delivered,” reads the caption of the post.

The post generated many comments from other Facebook users who both favour and oppose the punishment.

“If I were their parents, I would file a complaint about [this] school teacher immediately. This is way too much,” one Facebook user commented.

The maths teacher answered “Oh is it? Then you could go to schools where there are no rules or order. If one day people in the country do not respect rules, how would it function for a day?”

Worawut clarified that the students were punished for failing to obey the school instruction that they should have short hair.

Corporal punishment and abuses committed by Thai teachers regularly make headlines in the Thai media, and still appear to be widely accepted in Thai society.

Under current legislation, Article 26 of the Child Protection Act 2003 states that no person shall ‘commit or omit acts which result in torturing a child's body or mind’. However, the law does not clearly prohibit all forms of corporal punishment.

One of the photos posted on Worawut's Facebook page on 18 May 2017