Two red shirts in Isaan arrested for 2010 protest

The police have arrested two anti-establishment red shirts in Isaan (northeast Thailand) for joining a red shirt demonstration seven years ago.

On 7 September 2017, police officers from the Department of Special Investigation took Somphon Chaikong, 49, to the public prosecutor of Udon Thani Province.

He was accused of joining an illegal assembly of more than 10 people and blocking a public road in Udon Thani on 25 April 2010 in parallel with the red shirt demonstrations in Bangkok.

According to his daughter, he was arrested at his house on 2 August and taken to Bangkok for interrogation for one night before being released on bail after he submitted a 75,000 baht bond.

She said that her father was not the leader of the protest, but is an audio technician who went to the protest site to install sound equipment.

“It was seven years ago. I feel shocked and very surprised that the police arrested my father at this time. I asked the police and they said they are just doing their duty and there is a policy to revive these unresolved cases,” said Somporn’s daughter. “I’m still very confused because there were a lot of people that day. Why was my father issued an arrest warrant?”

Another red shirt in Udon Thani was also reportedly arrested on the same charge. He was also released after a day of interrogation.