Blind lèse majesté convict mysteriously bailed

An unknown guarantor has offered bail for a blind woman convicted of royal defamation in Yala. 
On 25 January 2018, Adilan Ali-ishok, from the Yala Muslim Attorney Centre, told Prachatai that the court had granted bail to Nuruhayati Masoe, 23, a blind woman accused of lèse majesté, a violation of Article 112 of the Criminal Code.
Nuruhayati’s relatives revealed that two days earlier, an officer from Yala Provincial Court told them that the convict had been released on bail. The lawyer and her family confirmed that they did not know who the bail guarantor is or how much the amount of bail was. 
Adilan added that the Muslim Attorney Centre is preparing a petition for a royal pardon for the convict.
On 4 January, the court sentenced Nuruhayati to three years in prison for royal defamation. She was accused of sharing on Facebook an article criticising the Thai monarchy on 13 October 2016, the day that King Rama IX passed away.
As she pleaded guilty, the court halved the jail term to one year and six months. Despite her disability, the court did not suspend the jail term citing the severity of the offence.
Photo courtesy of Khai Maew Facebook page.