Please be nosy: women’s group urges bus staff to help sexual harassment victims

A women’s rights network has asked public transport staff to be “nosy” when they detect sexual harassment. 
A network of women’s organisations called Safe Cities For Women Thailand will submit “How to be Nosy” handbooks to the Ministry of Transport on 13 March 2018. The group wants to urge the Ministry to protect women from sexual harassment on public transport, and the handbooks urge bus staff to be “nosy” when incidents happen.
The network has campaigned on safety for women since late 2017 under the slogan “it’s time to be nosy.” It stated that over 85 percent of women had experienced sexual harassment on public transport. They want the Ministry to do more to protect women from sexual harassment and educate its staff on how to assist victims.  
The group added that it had distributed the “nosy” handbooks to some bus lines in Bangkok, and as a result, staff have successfully prevented sexual harassment against women.
In addition to distributing the handbooks, the network tomorrow will also hold a seminar and a public hearing on sexual harassment on public transport, where victims will have the opportunity to share their experiences and propose solutions.
The network also reports that one-third of passengers have witnessed a sexual harassment on public transportation but ignored to take action (Photo from MThai)