Thai military detain the wife and son of a Thai exiled activist

December 11, 2018. According to a relative, Mrs. Jinda Santiparapop, the Thai military has arrested Mrs. Laddawan Chewasut(age 62) and Mr. Suthawat Chewasut(age 31),  the wife and son of Mr. Chucheap Chewasut or ‘Uncle Sanamluang’, the underground radio broadcaster who currently is living in exile.


The arrest took place in Talingshun-Bangkok. It is believed that the Thai Military perpetrators, later on the same day, brought both victims to their workplace in an office near Siri Raj Hospital.

After the search of the victims’ office, the Military took them to an unknown location without leaving any information that could be followed up by their relatives. The victims’ fate is currently unknown.

Chucheap is an underground political talk show host living in exile. He is a great proponent of Democracy for Thailand in the form of a Federal Republic. He advocated for people to wear black shirts with Red and White symbols in public to show support for his Federal Republic ideas. People who have shown support and wear this symbol have been detained by the government authorities in the last week.