Patience, says Prayuth to frustrated students

As student outrage about the election delay pushed the Twitter hashtag "Delayed Again. You Mother******" into the national and global top 10, the Prime Minister has responded, but students continue to channel their frustration. 

Gen. Prayuth Chan-o-cha, head of the NCPO and Prime Minister (File/Twitter @prayuthofficial)

After the likely election delay was announced, students expressed their outrage as the original election date (24 February) had caused the hasty re-scheduling of the nationwide General Aptitude Test and Professional Aptitude Test (GAT-PAT) one week earlier, from 23-26 February to 16-19 February. As they have to study in a shorter timeframe, only for the election to be delayed again, students have called for the GAT-PAT tests to return to the original schedule.

In response to the concerns of the students, who he addresses as his ‘grandchildren’, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha tweeted on his @prayuthofficial account:

"Now I see there is a trend that my student grandchildren want to #takebackthetestdate. I understand you, grandchildren. However, I want my grandchildren to be a little bit more patient for the ECT [Election Commission of Thailand] to set a clear election date , so that the CUPT [Council of University Presidents of Thailand] can plan to consider postponing the GAT-PAT tests."

After the tweet, some Twitter users replied, still expressing their frustration. For instance, Tanawat Wongchai posted on his Twitter account @drballban:

"This entire problem came about because Mr. Prayut is not a man of his word. Mr. Prayuth should at least come out and apologize to the kids." 

Arranged by NIETS (National Institute of Educational Testing Service), the GAT-PAT tests are the main entry to universities in Thailand for high school students.