Hilarious election rehearsal goes viral

On 7th January 2019, Pangpond, a guy who reviews stuff on his Facebook page, Pangpond on Tour, posted a series of pictures and captions of himself rehearsing for the election.

His post says:

“Please let me rehearse how to vote!

As the election is becoming a hot trend now, Pangpond requests permission to prepare for the upcoming election! Which brings you to rehearse and review how to vote!!! People like us have been away from it for quite some time, so we may have forgotten about some of it. You guys want to vote for some party or person in this election but have forgotten how to do it, so let’s get started!”

Now, these are his pictures and captions:

“Step 1: Get out of the house with determination with your ID card ready. When you get in front of the polling station, check your name and number on the list of  eligible voters. “

“Check it!”

“Next Step: When you’ve found your name, then hand your ID card and sign the voters’ list.”

(Throws ID card at the official) “Hand it in!”

“Next Step: Request permission to ‘press the like button’ on the ink pad."

“You have to press hard so your thumb goes deep into it. If you are not hard enough, the official will help you. #Love #DoesntChooseTimetoHappen #ItWillTakeNotTooLong” (The last hashtag is part of the lyrics of a propaganda song written by the military government.

“Then you will get a ‘red like button’ like this.”

“Like him! #Please don’t let me censor eyes because the official closed his.”

“Like me too!”

“Next is entering the poll booth. #VeryExcited”

(Using a menu stolen from a restaurant as a ballot)

“Mark ‘X’ for the party and candidate that you like. For me, I would pick #ChineseKale”  

[The Thai word is phak khana but it is spelled here with the Thai word for ‘party’, also pronounced ‘phak’]

“Anyone who wants #CabbageParty or heart or entrails party, they are all delicious.”

“Next, fold the ballot paper properly.”

“Fold it tight. #Don’t Let Others See It”

“Next Step: Put your ballot paper in the ballot box.”

“Please let me feel passionate! The path to democracy is in our hands!”





“Don’t delay please. I want to vote. … PS. Thanks to Yot Duck Noodles, Soi Aree Samphan, for the set, even though the owner knows nothing about it.”

It is sad that election is delayed, but it is good that we have to chance to rehearse it.