Thanathorn fanpage suddenly withdraws support; dirty tricks suspected

Savethanathorn, a suspicious fanpage, has withdrawn support from Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit for allegedly bringing the Future Forward Party (FFP) back into a cycle of conflict. The FFP told the press that the page was opened not long ago and several sources believe that it may be an information operation by the military.

Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit

On 9 March, Savethanathorn, a suspicious page, posted on Facebook:

"Our dear fans, For many months now, we have been fighting for justice and so that Thanathorn can receive fairness because we believed that Thanathorn would lead our nation to a new and better future, constructive politics, conflict transformation, and a chance to develop the country after being stuck in conflict for many decades. We were pleased that Thanathorn would amend the constitution for the rights and freedoms of the Thai people. We were pleased that Thanathorn would bring new technologies like hyperloops for the Thai people to use, and we stood firm to give all the support we could.

But in reality Thanathorn has not only broken his promises, but he has also tried to bring the FFP back into the cycle of conflict, just like the rotten politics of before. He will bring Thaksin home; he is drawing TRC MPs into the party; he made a statement defaming the Court in the hope of votes from former TRC supporters; and he acts undemocratically within the party. So the admin team announces that it will officially stop supporting the FFP while respecting the decision of our fans.

Good luck.”

The post was published after a statement by Thanathorn was misreported in several sources which claimed that that Thanathorn would bring Thaksin home. Actually he said that he would bring Thaksin back to face a fair trial.  

Pannika Wanich, spokesperson of the FFP, told the press that it is up to the admin to open or close a Facebook page and the FFP respects all supporters and non-supporters. Nonetheless, she observed that the page was opened only on 21 February and published only 15 posts. The page was not very active and had only 676 followers. So, this page does not represent the FFP’s supporters.

SaveThanathorn under question

“Even though this page has closed down, we believe that most Future Forwarders are still confident and walking with us side by side, and are not put off by distorted news, fake news, aimed to obstruct us,” said Pannika.

Several sources reported the page may be an information operation by the military to discredit the FFP. “IO”, the abbreviation for it, is the term on everyone’s lips in Thailand.