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Letter to a Lawyer

Lawyer and Former Advisor to the Chief Ombudsman
Mr Natthaporn Toprayoon

Dear Mr Natthaporn Sir,

No one can misunderestimate the tremendous service you have rendered to the nation by exposing the link between the Future Forward Party and the insidious subversive international secret society known as the Illuminati and by petitioning the Constitutional Court to have the party dissolved on these grounds.  

Many gullible people have been duped into thinking that the Illuminati were successfully suppressed in 1785.  But you and I and all right-thinking people (which obviously includes the Constitutional Court as we will soon find out) know that it still survives and was responsible for the French Revolution, the Battle of Waterloo, the assassination of President John F Kennedy, Jewish control over finance capitalism, the Soviet empire, and many other cataclysmic world events too numerous and self-contradictory to mention.

And the link is so obvious.  All you have to do is to take the truncated triangle of the fabricated Illuminati crest, insert the missing triangle, remove the winking eye design, turn it upside down, add a border and make either the border or the background orange.  It is a wonder to me that the dozy dopes at the Election Commission didn’t spot this obvious similarity between the 2 logos and reject the party’s registration right from the outset.

Some may scoff and point to many thousands of other organisations and companies that have a triangular logo of one orientation or another.  If Future Forward is guilty of association with the Illuminati, they say, then so are thousands of others.  To which, of course, we reply, maybe they are.  Who can prove otherwise?

But I am left to wonder if you, Mr Natthaporn, have not been the victim of a conspiracy yourself, since the tell-tale signs of anti-religious, anti-monarchical, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, anti-clerical, anti-patriotic, anti-Semitic, anti-histamine sentiments can be found all over the FFP.  And yet for some suspicious reason, you did not include these in your petition to the Constitutional Court.

You see if you go back to the Illuminati symbol and then take the non-existent triangle and then double it, and then turn one of the two triangles upside down, and then give them both blue borders, and then put one on top of the other, what do you end up with?  Of course!  The Star of David that adorns the flag of Israel. 

And if you carefully study the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the secret master plan for Jewish domination of the New World Order that can be found all over the internet, you will find that nowhere is there any mention of Thanathorn, Piyabutr or the Future Forward Party.  This very absence is proof positive that Mossad must have very carefully covered up the links between them and the Zionist mega-conspiracy, whose complete outlines we can only guess at.  (Good job we’re so good at guessing, eh, Mr Natthaporn?)

You obviously must also know that if you make an anagram of the names of the 2 arch-conspirators of the FFP, Thanathorn and Piyabutr, you get ‘NO TRUTH IN A PARTY BAH’.  So they themselves are virtually telling us that everything they say, from the Cabinet failing to give the complete oath of office to the ‘proofs’ that Thanathorn did sell his shares in a defunct media company, are complete and utter lies, simply because they said them.  But I am beginning to wonder why the Constitutional Court has not been asked to rule on this evidence since I think we can all be confident about the verdict they would reach.

And another thing you seem to have missed.  If you take the number of votes that FFP got in all constituencies in the last election (6,265,950) and divide that by the number of parliamentary seats that they won (81) and then multiply that by the number of party office holders (10) and then subtract the number of Facebook followers they have the last time I looked (772,908), the result (ignoring a minor bit of rounding) is absolutely astounding! It is none other than 666, the famed Number of The Beast of the Book of Revelation of the Christian New Testament. 

And you do not need me to tell you that modern conspiracy theorists strongly assert that the beast associated with the number 666 represents a unified world government opposed to God, something that can be clearly seen in the policies of FFP.  Again I am sure that the Constitutional Court would agree with us.

But well done, Mr Natthaporn.  If your petition does not succeed, I am sure we can try again with many more conspiracies that we will be able to discover.  And as a true conspiracy theorist, I will sign off with my secret name.

Yours in collusion,

Starkey Richards

(aka H George)


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