Former Mahachon PM candidate joins Future Forward

Palinee “Pauline” Ngarm-pring, the Mahachon Party candidate for Prime Minister and head of strategy, joined the Future Forward Party (FFP) on Wednesday (28 August), reported MCOT.

Palinee “Pauline” Ngarm-pring

Pauline said that she has been following and supporting the FFP for a long time, especially the party leader’s determination and the work of its transgender MPs that must be admired. She said that it was her own decision to join the party; she was not approached by anyone. She is ready to support and happy to contribute to the party’s work in the areas she is skilled in, such as sports or the economy, or whatever the party sees fit.

“I believe that the Future Forward Party responds to the younger generation in the future. As for the legal prosecutions against the party, I think it’s nothing to worry about, because obstacles are something ordinary whenever we do something. I want to look at it as a challenge that must be faced, not a problem that will cause discouragement,” Pauline said.


During the 2019 general election, Pauline was the Mahachon Party candidate for Prime Minister and head of strategy. She was also the first transgender person in the history of Thai politics to run as candidate for Prime Minister. However, Pauline said that she left the Mahachon Party on good terms and that there is no conflict, because this came from her own self-evaluation after she was unsuccessful during the last general election as head of strategy.

Pauline was greeted by Tunyawaj Kamolwongwat and Natthawut Buapratum, FFP party-list MPs. Tunyawaj said that the FFP stance on LGBT rights and human dignity has been clear from the start, so she doesn’t think that Pauline joined the party as a result of the effort during the last few weeks to push for the formation of a Standing Committee on LGBT rights, but rather because Pauline sees something in the party. Tunyawaj insisted that the FFP does not have a strategy of approaching politicians from other parties and inviting them to join, but if any politician would like to work with the FFP, that is considered a good thing and the party welcomes them.

“Pauline joining the FFP is considered a good thing, because she has knowledge and ability in the areas of sports, the economy, and LGBT issues. Lately, a lot more people have come to work with the party. The FFP welcomes them and allows every party member to play a part in the party’s work. The FFP has working groups on many issues, but to work together, we must have a shared agreement, a shared ideology,” Tunyawaj said.

When asked whether it is possible that Pauline will join a working group on sports or on LGBT issues, Tunyawaj said that it is all possible and it depends on which area Pauline is interested in. However, every party member may propose ideas to the party. This is not limited to famous people.