GoFundMe for Da Torpedo

Daranee Charnchoengsilpakul (aka Da Torpedo), a political activist and former 8-year lèse majesté prisoner is suffering from terminal cancer. A malignant tumour was found just before her release in 2016.

Drawing of Daranee by Wittawat Tongkaew

On 1 August, an opinion piece was written on Prachatai English in support of the campaign to raise funds for Daranee, but donations can also now be made on GoFundMe, said Friends of Da on Wednesday.

According to information on the page, Friends of Da organized the fundraiser on behalf of Kwanravee Wangudom, of the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University. As of now (27 September), £1,145 has been raised toward a £2,000 goal.

Born in a poor Chinese family, the 61-year-old former journalist joined the anti-coup cause in 2006. She was sentenced to jail for 18 years for lèse majesté speeches given in June 2008 after the killings of the Red Shirts. Pardoned in 2016, the cancer was discovered and the information was made public this year.

According to her friends, she relies on the universal healthcare scheme, with long waiting times, because all her money was spent on activism. During her remaining days, she is completing her book project, “The Last Stage of the Fight.”

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