Khon Kaen U. students declare "enough is enough" with dictatorship

At least a thousand Khon Kaen University (KKU) students have gathered to protest against the current government of Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, using the hashtag "#KKUenoughisenough", with student activists reading statements denouncing the dissolution of the Future Forward Party by the Constitutional Court.

On Wednesday evening (26 February), at least a thousand Khon Kaen University students protested against Gen Prayut’s “vulgar government, dictatorial constitution, and judicialization” according to the group’s statement. Their online campaign is based on the hashtag "#KKUenoughisenough" (#มขพอกันที).

“Rise up, younger generation, students and people who seek fairness! Let our voices be louder than in the online world. Let us change and bring justice back to our country ourselves,” continues the statement.

Jatupat “Pai ” Boonpattararaksa also gave a speech to the protesters, saying “Today, we have created a new chapter in the history of the university of Isan people. We declare the will of KKU and Khon Kaen people, so that those in power know that in this world there is not just them, but we are also here, thousands of specks of dust.”

Jatupat was imprisoned in 2016 for two years and six months on lèse majesté and computer crime charges after sharing a biography of King Vajiralongkorn posted on the BBC Thai Facebook page. He graduated from KKU in 2017 while still in prison, and was released on 10 May 2019. Because he spent 8 years as a KKU law student, the other students call him “Grandpa Pai.”

The protest ended around 8.30 pm with the Khon Kaen university song and a dance to the Isan song "Thung Lui Lai" which is dubbed the KKU anthem.