March to parliament demands constitutional amendment

On Friday morning (13 March), a group of civil society organizations and members of the public, led by the Committee Campaigning for a People’s Constitution (CCPC), iLaw, and the People Go Network Forum, marched to parliament to submit a petition demanding an amendment to the 2017 Constitution.

Anusorn Unno (center, white shirt) after the submission of the petition

The march began at the Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station, moving down Rama VI Road, and ended at parliament, where Anusorn Unno, representative of the CCPC, submitted the petition to Peerapan Sareerathawipak, Chairperson of the House Committee Studying Constitutional Amendments.

“The Committee Campaigning for a People’s Constitution (CCPC) believes that amending the constitution is unavoidable if we are to overthrow the NCPO regime and bring Thailand back to democracy,” said the statement, posted online on, which, as of Friday afternoon (13 March), had over 12000 signatures, while around 300 people joined the 4.4 KM march on Friday morning. 

A passenger from the passing bus held up the three-finger salute as the march went by. 

“Only if the people come together can we force the “NCPO 2” government and the senate to giving the green light to the process of constitutional amendment,” said the CCPC statement.

Members of an LGBTQ activists network brought their rainbow flag on the march.

Rangsiman Rome, an MP from the now-dissolved Future Forward Party, told the Bangkok Post that the House Committee will be inviting representatives of the CCPC, as well as student activists, to give their opinion about the constitutional amendment.