CAAT eases international flight ban

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) will ease international flight restrictions starting Wednesday 1 July. Flights with Thai nationals and certain groups of foreigners on board are permitted to fly.

Suvarnabhumi airport (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

CAAT Director General Chula Sukmanop issued an announcement on 29 June on the conditions for international flights permitted to land in Thailand.

Six types of flights are allowed to fly over, fly into, fly out of, take off from or land at international airports. These are state or military aircraft, emergency landing flights, technical landing flights without disembarkation, medical flights, repatriation flights and cargo flights.

Each flight must obtain permission of the CAAT.

According to the announcement, flights that will be allowed to fly over, fly into, fly out of, take off from or land at an international airport in Thailand may carry the following 11 types of people:

  • Thai nationals
  • Persons permitted by the Prime Minister
  • Non-Thai spouses, parents or children of Thai nationals
  • Non-Thai nationals with a valid certificate of residence
  • Non-Thai nationals with a work permit and their spouses and children
  • Carriers of essential goods
  • Crew members on a mission with specific return date and time
  • Non-Thai students at approved institutions and their parents or guardians
  • Non-Thai nationals seeking medical treatment in Thailand excluding Covid-19 treatment
  • Individuals permitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their spouses, parents or children
  • Non-Thai nationals permitted under special arrangements with foreign countries

Every passenger who enters Thailand is subject to a mandatory 14-day state quarantine.

The international flight ban was imposed together with the Emergency Decree. Even though Thailand has been Covid-19-free for over a month, excluding infections found in state quarantine facilities, the government has not lifted the Emergency Decree but rather extended it.