Hunger striker: ‘If you can’t do it, get out.’

A student staging a hunger strike in front of Government House since July 20 are demanding social welfare and solutions for unemployment and economic problems.

Phumwat Raengkasiwit while having a hunger strike on 20 July.

The protest by the student-led group New Life Network (Nawachiwin) started at 14:00. Phumwat Raengkasiwit, the Network representative, announced that he will take 1 meal a day for the first 4 days, then liquid only until the end of the week, after which they will take neither food nor drink.

The Network has 3 demands: 1) The government must solve the people’s welfare and economic issues immediately. 2) The state must provide assistance for the unemployed. 3) The current administration’s policies must be reviewed with participation from the opposition and anti-government side.

On 21 July, after a night on the street, Phumwat negotiated with the authorities a move to in front of the Ministry of Education on Luk Luang Road, about 350 metres away from Government House .

On the night of 20 July, Phumwat was fined 200 baht for violating the Maintenance of the Cleanliness and Orderliness of the Country Act 1992.

The New Life Network identifies itself as a people’s sector network of political communications organizations with a platform for civil society comprising the people’s sector and students from many institutions. Their goals are a welfare state, freedom in all dimensions and a constitution drafted by the people.