Right-Wing Protesters Threaten Anti-Government "Free People Movement" With Legal Action

16 Aug 2020 - 11.00. Around 30-50 people gathered on the footpath at the Democracy Monument to show their support to the monarchy.

The demonstration was held by the Coordination Centre of Students, Vocational Students and People to Protect the Monarchy. Sumate Trakoolwoonnoo, a group representative, said the purpose of the gathering was to protect the monarchy from being violated, create an understanding about the monarchy among other protesters beginning to gather and to observe whether any violations will occur or not.

Sumate claimed that some of his group will stay at the Free People Movement protest, to be held today at 15.00 at the same place, to take videos and photos of any content that violated the monarchy.

Sumate said his demonstration would be peaceful and they would not move from this spot. Anyone who acted violently would not be accepted as a part of this group.

There have over the past weeks a series of mass protests demanding political reform and reform of the monarchy, a very sensitive issue to address in Thailand.

At 15.40 The Coordination Center of Students, Vocational students and People to Protect the Monarchy decided to dissolve the pro-monarchy demonstration.