Protest leaders released after five days in prison

Protest leaders Anon Nampa and Panupong Jadnok have been released from the Bangkok Remand Prison, where they have been detained for five days after the Criminal Court ruled on Thursday (3 September) to have their bail revoked.

Anon and Panupong were released at 17.30 on Monday (7 September) after the inquiry officer at the Samranrat Police Station requested to have them released, claiming that the investigation process had progressed enough that there is no reason to detain them any longer.

The Bangkok Criminal Court ruled on Thursday (3 September) to revoke Anon’s bail and increase Panupong’s security after the inquiry officer filed a motion to revoke their bail, claiming that, since Anon and Panupong have continued to take part in demonstrations, the Criminal Court’s bail condition has been violated.

The Court did not prevent them from seeking bail again, but Anon and Panupong decided against that. They were detained at the Bangkok Remand Prison for five days before being released. 

During their detention, a group of supporters gathered in front of the Bangkok Remand Prison on Thursday night and in the afternoon of Friday (4 September) and Sunday (6 September) to demand their release. 

Upon release, Anon and Panupong said they will continue to fight for their goals as they have always done. Anon said that he and Panupong will be joining the protest at Thammasat University on 19 September, and that he will be speaking on stage. Anon also said that he is expecting to face many more lawsuits.

Panupong said that they decided to not seek bail because they feel that the Court’s conditions limit their rights and freedoms, and therefore they cannot accept them.