[Gallery] Flash mob uses post-it notes to talk about social issues

Photos by Kotcharak Kaewsurach

A group known as “Ka-na-rad-sa-bomb” organised a flash mob on the skywalk around the Victory Monument, during which people wrote down their views of local politics onto post-it notes and placed them on the pillars around the skywalk.

The organizers said that they used the post-it notes as a means of expression. Participants can write down the issues they are facing and put the notes onto boards, electric poles, or areas where there are issues, and the organizers will keep the notes to be turned into a piece of art.

They also said that each time they organize an activity, it will be centred on different issues. Yesterday’s event was focused on issues with local administration, which arose from how the current constitution was written. They said that each time they talk about an issue, they would like to relate it to the constitutional amendments, whether it’s about footpaths, public transport for people with disability, or the bureaucratic system.

They are using post-it notes because it is small and are easy to hold, and they would like people to be able to talk about these issues anywhere. People can write a message on a post-it note, place it somewhere, and send a picture to their Facebook page.

The organizers said they would like people to talk about problems which have been kept hidden, at least so that they would start questioning society.

“The post-it notes are like our thoughts, which we sound out, that we express through the written word, so that the government, the media, and other people know what we want and what we would like to say,” said one of the organizers. “We will be developing the country together, whether it be local politics or national politics. These things are all close to us and are important things around us.”