2017-03-09 20:27
On International Women’s Day, police officers pressed charges against seven female villagers for opposing a local gold mine. 
On 8 March 2016, officers from Wang Saphung Police Station pressed charges against seven villagers for protesting against a local gold mine. The seven were accused of threatening officials and violating NCPO Head Order 3/2015, the junta’s ban on public gatherings of five people or more.
2017-03-09 09:39

The Thai junta has refused to extend a permit for the BBC to run one of its major global transmission stations located in central Thailand.

The BBC World Service has stopped broadcasting programmes from its transmission station located in Nakhon Sawan Province.

The station had been broadcasting uncensored foreign-language news into authoritarian countries such as North Korea and China, and countries which still rely significantly on radio, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.