13 Jul 2007
The investigation has been carried out when the Deputy Minister being accused of receiving RM5 million corruption for releasing 3 triad leaders. However, there is no instruction from Abdullah to investigate the corruption case of Musa Hasan, the IGP when it was revealed in the internet.
4 Jul 2007
At a seminar at Thammasat University on last Sunday, I commented that if we just call on the people to vote 'no' against the CNS draft Constitution, there will be several problems consequentially.
2 Jul 2007
According to UNHCR, "Asia has not only been the main host of UNHCR's total population of concern but also by far the main source... some 8.4 million persons originating from Asia were considered by UNHCR as being in need of international protection."ii
22 Jun 2007
The 19 June 2007 once again brings the celebration of Aung San Suu Kyi's birthday. On this occasion, thousands of Burmese and international human rights defenders (HRDs) are celebrating the birthday of the world's only imprisoned Nobel Laureate and discussing plans for the future of democracy in Burma.
22 Jun 2007
However, today under the military regime, the Thai middleclass ironically marginalizes themselves and refuses to seriously join hands on the struggle against the dictators. More ironically, a part of the middlesclass has fall short serving as the ideological tools in media-space where the military has controlled to legitimize its rule.
12 Jun 2007
The action to dissolve TRT could be seen as a just and legitimate move by the Council for National Security (CNS)-another name for the military government-as TRT is largely seen as a threat to democracy, since the premiership of Thaksin in 2004, independent agencies, senate, and parliaments were swarmed by TRT cronies and Thaksin proxies.
12 Jun 2007
The first-ever and relatively controversial Global Peace Index was released at the end of May. The Peace Index is a ranking of 121 countries based on 24 "global peace indicators," which include: number of wars fought, level of distrust for other citizens, respect for human rights, level of violent crime, and access to small weapons.
7 Jun 2007
The fact that the junta sent armed troops to watch over TV stations in the eve of the judgment day May 30, went by with the Thai media's sound of silence.
5 Jun 2007
Shall the freedom of demonstration under the democratic rule be prevented only because its objective was questioned by those in powers?