12 Apr 2010
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva addressed the nation in the afternoon of Monday April 11, 2010 stating that “terrorists” have infiltrated the red-shirt movement seeking to bring about a “major change” to Thailand.
9 Apr 2010
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva addressed the nation on television on Thursday evening, a day after the state of emergency was declared, to defend the government’s censorships of red-shirt media by stating that by doing so he has succeeded somewhat in stopping “the spread” of “distorted information”, and is “in expectation that there will be a gradual reduction of hatred”.
28 Mar 2010
An understanding should have been made among the red shirts beforehand that this is not ‘the last battle’, and the goal should have been to sound out their opponents.   The red shirts should be aware of the fact that their force, which has just been rebuilt after the devastating defeat during Songkran last year, is not yet strong enough to finish the war once and for all.
15 Mar 2010
(14 March 2010) It is hard to know what is going on in a town like Bangkok. Like everyone else, I was curious what was really going on with the Red Shirt rally. The tourism authority is saying everything is fine, but you should stay away from Sanam Luang, Khao San Road, and even Victory Monument. If you don’t mind knowing the news a day after it happens, then the Bangkok Post and Nation are great. 
14 Mar 2010
  On 12 March, the red shirts began their rally at 6 spots around Bangkok.  They chose to perform major rituals at two places which have significant political implications for their struggle; the Laksi Circle and the King Taksin Monument.
7 Mar 2010
Thai authorities have much to fear these days. Wayward grenades, throngs of red-shirts, multi-million Baht acquisitions of bogus military equipment - and that’s just from this weekend’s paper. But have no fear, Thailand’s stewards are hard at work defending us from the most serious of strategic threats: the 69 year old sister of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.
6 Mar 2010
Amid the cheers over the seizure of Thaksin’s assets, Somchai Preechasilpakul of Midnight University points to the need to make all political elites accountable, not merely a particular group of politicians.
17 Feb 2010
To the Thai people, via Cross-border News Agency, Since 24/01/10 that the Cross-border News Agency started to circulate information relating to the coerced repatriation of Karen refugees in Nong Bua and Usu Tha temporary shelter on the Thai-Burma border to the Thai public, our stories have been discussed more in Thai media.  From news and reports being monitored, we found that in fact, the Thai PM and authorities including Thai military have the very same stand with us; that is 'refugees will be allowed in Thailand when there are still threats in their homeland.  When the situation is better, they must go back.'
14 Feb 2010
‘They say we go, we have to go.  They say we stay, we have to stay, whether here, in Loepohoe or in Mae La (refugee camp).’  This is what Nomaele told me last September. Nomaele is a plump woman, aged beyond her years by hard work.  Every time we met I mistakenly called her ‘auntie’ although she is only 35.  Her family and 2 others, 12 people in all, were sent across the Moei River to her home in Loepohoe at 8 in the morning of 5 February.
13 Feb 2010
Nearly one-third of the world’s population marks the end of the Lunar Year of the Ox this weekend. As the Bull exits and the Tiger enters, we can look back and see the mess that is left behind.
7 Feb 2010
The issue of autonomy has been steadily gaining interest and is now a serious consideration as a means of mitigating the long-running conflict in the southern border provinces. This is a positive step towards finding a political solution to the conflict because, short of a Carthaginian Peace, there is no military option for a solving an armed insurgency which rejects the legitimacy of the state. Yet autonomy is not a magical political solution to the complex problems fuelling unrest.
7 Feb 2010
(February 5th, 2010) KWO is again very concerned about the forced repatriation done by the Thai authority in Nong Bua refugee camp. 3 families with a total of 13 people, 9 of them are women and the rest are children, including 9 month old breastfeeding baby were forced to go back to Burma today.


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