plastic bag

22 Jan 2020
On 7 January, companies in the Thai Plastic Industries Association have asked for relief measures to allow recyclable plastic bags and improve the recycling system. They met with government officials after suffering 24,308 million baht damage from the plastic ban. Trash in Pataya Beach taken in 2016Source: Department of Disaster Prevention
10 Dec 2014
I am a responsible consumer.  When I get to the checkout, I flourish my cloth shopping bags. And the first time out in a new shop you can expect to be met with bemusement.  Many will try to ignore the existence of the bags and start loading your purchases into the regular plastic.  So you ask them not to do that and draw their attention to the cloth bags.  One 7-Eleven employee immediately saw the light and pulled out another plastic bag into which he stuffed my cloth bags.  At no extra charge, I hasten to add.
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