Thai economy

1 Oct 2017
‘Govt sets B3 trillion tourism target’ reads the Bangkok Post headline (together with a pic showing ‘Chinese tourists at Wat Phra Kaeo’ who have fair hair and big noses) (the dastardly Chinese tourists must have started wearing disguises!). So that’s alright then.
11 Nov 2016
Economic growth in the Greater Mekong region depends on the Mekong River, but unsustainable and uncoordinated development is pushing the river system to the brink, including in Thailand, a new report from WWF finds. Governments, businesses, and communities in the region must come together to better manage the river in a way that respects the ecosystem’s limits if economic growth is to continue.
19 Jun 2015
Economic experts said Thailand needs human capital development to catch up with new global economic trends.   On Thursday, the Institute of Security and International Studies (ISIS) at Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Political Science held a public forum, “Moving Up the Global Value Chain: Thailand’s Upgrading and Growth Imperatives”, featuring four speakers: Pavida Pananond from Thammasat University, Kirida Bhaopichitr from the World Bank Group, Roong Poshyananda Mallikamas from the Bank of Thailand and Deunden Nikomborirak from TDRI (Thailand De
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