Waranchai Chokchana

22 Sep 2017
Police officers have arrested a pro-democracy activist on his way to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). On 22 September 2017, six police officers arrested Waranchai Chokchana, an independent political activist. The police presented an arrest warrant for Waranchai issued in 2016, which states that he is accused of trespassing into the NACC building in 2014 with a political group to call for the NACC to stop its investigation into irregularities in the rice-pledging scheme of the Yingluck administration.   
8 Aug 2017
A political activist has called on the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to re-investigate those responsible for the bloody military crackdown in 2010.       On 7 August 2017, Waranchai Chokchana, a former independent candidate for Bangkok governor, submitted a petition to the NACC to appeal its ruling on the military crackdown on anti-establishment red-shirt protesters in 2010. The petition, submitted in the name of a political group called Democracy Force, calls on the NACC to submit an appeal to the Supreme Court to try the case.
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