Facebook user shocked to wake up and see people lying on his street in pools of blood, so he took pictures to post.

An amateur photographer posted 5 pictures on his Facebook page. The first picture was published around 10.30 am, entitled “A dead body in front of my house”. He then captioned the picture “What should I feel when I wake up one day with the dead bodies of Thais in front of my house?”

The first set has 2 pictures. The first picture is of a man lying on his back with blood pouring from his body. Picture 2 has 7-8 men lying spread out on the footpath in front of houses around that area. There was blood under a motorcycle with a body lying close to it.

He told Prachatai that he took these pictures from a high building on Ratchaprasong Street between Soi Rangnam and Din Daeng intersection, near All Seasons Hotel. He said that previously, sporadic gunshots had been heard overnight. When the sound of gunfire had stopped, he looked out of his room window and witnessed the scene. He took the first set of pictures at 10.22 am.

Later, he posted the 3rd picture taken at 10.50am in the same location as the 2nd from the first set.. He reported “The bodies of 7-8 people had been taken away…I hope they are alive”. However, he was uncertain about that.

At 11.45 pm he posted 4th and 5th pictures with the message “I have thought seriously about this, maybe they all were not dead. These two pictures were taken around 10 and 10.29 am; the man on the left of the pictures was the only one moving, while the rest lay still. I hope they were just unconscious.”

Note: Prachatai decided to remove the real name of this news source at 13.11 pm after the news was broadcast and the source felt pressure and threatened.