Alleged SMS sender gets 20 years in jail

On 23 Nov, the Criminal Court found Amphon Tangnoppakul guilty for lèse majesté and computer crimes and sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

The court read the verdict through a video conference system to Amphon who could not be brought to the court from the prison because of flooding.

Amphon, 61, was accused of sending messages offensive to the monarchy to Abhisit Vejjajiva’s personal secretary through his mobile phone in May last year. 

It was reported that his wife, children and grandchildren who were at the court cried after hearing the verdict.  About 30 people were there to hear the verdict.


I should have been prepared

I should have been prepared to read this... knowing the sort of brainless fascists in charge of these persecutions... yet I'm shocked at their brutality. Not shocked at all about their ignoring rules of evidence and the requirement to prove guilt. They do that every day.

But I am shocked at their stupid brutality. What they will do, I hope, is allow HM the King to pardon their latest victim, having once more figuratively [...] by having ignored, once more, his expressed wish : that they end their brutal political pogroms carried out in his name.

They have already robbed this poor man of two years of his life.

Disgusting and disgraceful.

Disgusting and disgraceful. 20 years in jail for four thoughts.

There's a reason why Thailand

There's a reason why Thailand is known for its human rights abuse and censorship.