Sondhi Limthongkul apologizes Thai Rath for defamation

A defamation lawsuit between Thai Rath newspaper and yellow-shirt leader Sondhi Limthongkul has been settled after Sondhi, the defendant, admitted that he had defamed the newspaper by presenting incorrect information in his ASTV-Manager talk show programme, as well as through his newspaper and website, and agreed to publish his apology for three days.

Thai Rath filed a defamation lawsuit against Sondhi and 4 others in the Manager Group for publishing false information through their media outlets from 13 to 15 July 2007. 

On 30 April, Thai Rath newspaper and Sondhi jointly stated to the court that they had agreed to a settlement, by which Sondhi would publish his apology in Thai Rath and his ASTV-Manager newspaper for three days. 

According to the published apology, Sondhi said in his ASTV talk show programme on 13 July 2007, which was transcribed and published on his website and newspaper, ‘Thai Rath newspaper has never contributed anything to social development, [but instead] oppressed Thai society, keeping it backward.  [Thai Rath] is influential as a low-down newspaper.  You [Thai Rath] are in a movement to overthrow the democratic system with the King as Head of State, aren’t you?’

On 20 July 2007, he said that, ‘many Thai Rath columnists are on the payroll of the Thai Rak Thai Party.  This, Thai Rath has never admitted.  I have said many times that the only way to teach Thai Rath a lesson for its phony importance is to stop buying it.  I’m asking 300,000 grocery store owners in Thailand whether Thai Rath has ever opposed Tesco-Lotus for you.  So, why do you want to buy it?’

And on 27 July 2007, he said ‘Khunying Praneetsilp Watcharaphol [the widow of the late founder of Thai Rath newspaper Kamphol] earned the title of Khunying through the moral authority of the monarchy, but she has let her employees to do this.  Kamphol received a high-ranking royal decoration, and was granted a royal urn when he died, but they still do this.  Sarawut Watcharaphol [Kamphol’s son] is a member of the National Legislative Assembly [appointed by the junta after the 2006 coup], but he has never spoken any word in Parliament, and has let his employees do this.  This newspaper is a jinx on this country.  Having it in the country would only lead Thailand to ruin, because it has never been of any benefit to Thai society, not even one tiny bit.’

‘I now admit that what I said in the ASTV programme, later published by and ASTV-Manager daily newspaper, was completely untrue.  The statements have caused Khunying Praneetsilp and Thai Rath newspaper to be greatly misunderstood by society, Sondhi said.


Faking board resolutions and

Faking board resolutions and causing society to think wrong things... by the man who damned Thai society as "hia." A true product of his times?
The psychoanalytical ground here is fertile indeed.

Indeed, it's been clear for a

Indeed, it's been clear for a long time that the psychology of this man is precarious.

The obsessive nature of his vehement attacks against Thaksin, having once been a close friend, and the potential messianic zeal with which he promotes himself as a protector of the monarchy, both label him as obsessive.

These traits, combined with the ubiquitous lack of principle prevailing in Thai behaviour generally (which is clearly an educational issue along with many others) suggests he is dangerous as well as obsessive.

Sondhi is, as you suggest, a product of its time, but also a product of his location, cultural inheritance, education and upbringing. He is what his parents and society made him. To me Sondhi exemplifies the basically dysfunctional nature of Thai society and we should all reflect on the probability that the Thai elite consists of many just like him.

In my view, Thailand has met the criteria for failed nation status for some time, but a nation consists of its people and therefore we must consider that Thailand is a failed people. The important question is "how did it happen?". The only possible answer is, as I've stated frequently, that Thailand is the house that Jack built. Jack built it to suit himself and it has worked very well. Jack does not give a fig for the Thai people, the only thing that Jack cares about is Jack, and his position on the wealth scale of the world, Jack is a metaphor for the dysfunctional nature of many Thais, of which the most obvious example right now is Sondhi, and perhaps also Thaksin. Peas in a pod. Thailand has many such peas, its a dysfunctional society and the prevalence of psychological illness in Thailand is off the scale.

As always, the people end up paying the price for one person's megalomania and Messianic wet-dream.

True for the most part, and

True for the most part, and as a product of his times I did mean to include culture, upbringing et. Al. Much of what you indicate, however, seems to be a global phenomenon as what we call globalization and a clash between capitalism and care for humanity in a timely and meaningful manner take their respective tolls. A lot is going on from one border to the next, and if we pay even scant attention to the left-wing fact providers and rumor mongers, and then surprisingly find too much of what they say to be true, then we are in the proverbial rock and hard place - all of us. And this all may have been put together in organized form at the start of the last century. Technology and communications/travel only made their jobs easier.

I neglected to mention, a repeat, that I had met him up here in Korat before. I irritate more than one or two people by judging quickly, but over time have found the early judgments to be pretty close to reality. when Sondhi and I spoke, I got the impression he was dismissive, condescending and egotistic, to name just a couple initial impressions. The problem with many such people is that they have circulated too long in circles where talent is lacking and challenges to their own wayward thinking, let alone behavior, are far and few between. I also met Thaksin briefly when he landed in Korat after accompanying his fighter pilot on an F-16, I think it was, and he is also a quick judge of people he meets. I got the impression he is initially favorably or unfavorably impressed, as opposed to the few among us who are really really careful about judging others, and will give an opportunity to walk the walk. Sondhi will do that less often, I think. As you indicate, and others have pave the same road, Sondhi has such a hatred of Thaksin that little else has meaning. And the major reason for that was financial and ego interests. They say a crook getting ripped off by a bigger crook is degrading to the ego and irritating to the temper. It reminds me of an "artist," long ago, who was an obvious wheeler dealer and go-getter that had been working with us. He got fooled into spending some of his own money by an even bigger "artist" although we had clearly told him what the exercise was all about. But blinded by his own sense of confidence and condescension, he was open to the same tools, sharper in another's hands.

Anyone else noticed Tony

Anyone else noticed Tony doesn't comment on posts about his political buddies and their lies being exposed?