Thai authorities to build state-owned social network site

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) is proposing a plan to build a state-owned Facebook-like social networking site called Thailand Social Network. 
Surachai Srisarakam, MICT Permanent Secretary, said the Thailand Social Network is part of the Ministry’s plan to build the country’s digital infrastructure, called “Smart Thailand,” according to Matichon Online.  
The plan includes building a state-owned nation internet gateway and creating the nation’s social network site, in order to increase the efficiency of censorship by the authorities.
In the plan, initiated by the military junta, private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will have to connect to the state-owned ISP TOT, so that it will be easier for the authorities to block websites and prevent terrorism, he said, adding that MICT will oversee the national gateway. 
The concrete plan will be finished within two months, the official said. 
Thai authorities have long complained that major social media operators, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and LINE, do not cooperate with them when asked for users’ data and the blocking of sites.