AI urges members to voice concerns on torture allegations to Thai authorities

Amnesty International has called on its members around the world to send letters to the Thai authorities to voice concerns over the alleged torture of suspects in the Bangkok court bombing case. 
The London-based organization called for the letters to be sent to the Thai Army Chief and the Thai Police Chief. 
The International Secretariat of Amnesty International, based in London, issued the call on 20 March. It says two suspects, Surapon Eamsuwan and Wasu Eamla-au, were in danger of ill treatment and torture.   
It also mentions that four other suspects, Chanwit Chariyanukul, Norapat Luephon, Wichai Yusuk, and Sansern Sriounruen, who are now in civilian detentions, have also complained that they were tortured during military detention and that there should be an investigation into the complaints. 
AI urged its member to send letters, asking the Thai government to 
  • have civilian agencies independently investigate the torture allegations and publish the findings to the public.   
  • encourage the state authorities to allow the suspects access to their family, lawyers, and independent physicians and have their cases tried by civilian courts. 
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