Corporal dies of heatstroke in military barracks

An army corporal has died of heatstroke after his commander ordered him as a punishment to run 7.5 kilometres without lunch, plus 20 sets of burpees, despite the intense heat of the day.   
On Wednesday, 22 June 2016, Phramongkutklao Hospital reported that Corporal Panya Ngoenrian died after being sent to the hospital from his military barracks in the western province of Kanchanaburi to treat a heatstroke episode on 10 June, reported Manager Online. 
According to Manager Online, Panya was punished by being forced to run round the military barracks five times, a distance of 7.5 kilometres in total, despite the midday heat and without lunch. His commander punished him for not finishing his clerical tasks on time.
When he finished the fourth circuit, he could not run any further. After half an hour’s rest, his commander ordered him to do another 20 sets of burpees. When Panya finished the 18th set, he suffered heatstroke and was later sent to hospital in Bangkok, reported Manager Online. 
Manager Online also reported that military barracks across the country have been increasingly concerned about the recent severely hot weather. They installed thermometers around barracks and signal flags indicate dangerous temperatures. The military also trained their personnel in first aid for heatstroke.   
Corporal Panya Ngernrean (source: Panya’s Facebook)