Military summons 6 people allegedly involved with anti-draft charter letters

The military in Chiang Mai has summoned six people and accused them of sedition without court approval, alleging that they were involved with the letters containing material criticizing the junta’s draft charter.  
On Wednesday, 27 July 2016, Maj Gen Kosol Pratum summoned six people to a military camp in the northern province of Chiang Mai. The six are on the military’s list of ten people allegedly involved with the letter campaign against the junta-sponsored draft charter. The letters were sent across wide areas of the north in past two weeks, Matichon Online reported.
After an hour-long talk in the camp, the military accused the six of sedition and sent them to Bangkok Military Court to further processing of the case. Wisarut Khunnitisan, who was arrested two days earlier on the same allegations, was also sent to Bangkok together with the six. 
“Everything is just in the military interrogation phase. We have the power to detain them for up to seven days. All of them are subject to an arrest warrant,” said Maj Gen Kosol. 
Winyat Chatmontree, the Secretary-General of Free Thai Legal Aid, told Prachatai that the military does not have any official summons or arrest warrant from the court. It is relying on the authority granted under NCPO Order No. 3/2015, which allows the military to arrest people in relation to crimes against national security and prosecute them in the military court. 
According to Winyat, the six people are Khachen Chiakkhachon, Tharathip Buranupakon, Kopkan Suchita, Suphawadi Ngammueang, Atiphong  Khammun, and Em-on Dabsok. The other four who were not included in the summons are Boonlert Buranupakorn, Tatsanai Buranupakorn, Krittakon Phothaya, and Thewarat Winta. 
Soldiers interrogate the six people at the military camp in Chiang Mai