Charges dismissed against red shirt supporter over bombing

The Appeal Court has dismissed charges against an anti-establishment red shirt accused of preparing explosive devices to bomb several locations in Bangkok in 2014.

On 7 September 2017, Min Buri Provincial Court read the verdict of the Appeal Court in the case of Amporn ‘Khru Khaek’ Jaikon, 57, a supporter of the anti-establishment red shirts from Chiang Mai Province, accused of procuring and making explosive devices in order to bomb venues in Bangkok in March 2014.  The Appeal Court dismissed the charges, citing insufficient evidence.

One device led to the deaths of Boonluen Pinta and Kriangkai Sin-amnuay when it accidentally exploded on 29 March 2014 while the two were riding a motorcycle in Min Buri District of Bangkok.

She was linked to the incident because she was a suspect in the explosion at Saman Metta Mansion in Nonthaburi Province in 2010, which killed four and wounded 10 people.

According to Benjarat Meetian, her defence lawyer, Amporn will soon be released as the Criminal Court in November 2016 dismissed the charges related to Saman Metta Mansion explosion against her due to the lack of concrete evidence.

Amporn has consistently pleaded innocent since she was arrested and detained on 31 August 2016.