Family’s search for missing dissident continues

Three months after the disappearance of Siam Theerawut and two other political refugees, his sister said that the family is still looking for traces of him to send to the various organizations they have asked for help.

The demonstration in front of the Thai Embassy in Paris

Siam went missing in early May along with two other refugees, Chucheep “Uncle Sanam Luang” Chiwasut and Kritsana Tubthai, and it was alleged that they had been arrested in Vietnam and extradited to Thailand. The Thai authorities have yet to confirm or deny the extradition, but Vietnam has denied having information on the three refugees’ entry into Vietnam or what happened to them.

Siam’s sister said on Saturday (10 August) that there is still no further information in the case from the organizations which the family has requested to assist in finding Siam. She said that the family is trying to contact Siam’s friends to find out when they last contacted Siam, so that they will have more information to submit to these organizations.


Meanwhile, members of the protest band Faiyen, who left Laos last week and are now in France, staged a demonstration in front of the Thai Embassy in Paris last Thursday (8 August), along with other Thai refugees in Paris, including Junya Yimprasert, Jaran Ditapichai, and Aum Neko. The group were holding pictures of Thai refugees who have been murdered or gone missing while in exile in Laos since 2016, including Wuttipong “Ko Tee” Kotthammakhun, Ittipon “DJ Sunho” Sukpaen, Surachai Danwattananusorn, Chatchan Bupphawan, and Kraidej Luelert, along with pictures of Siam, Chucheep, and Kritsana.