Chiranuch Premchaiporn

2012-04-30 15:30
On 30 April, the Criminal Court in Bangkok postponed its verdict in the case of Prachatai Director Chiranuch Premchaiporn to 30 May, citing that the case had a lot of documents.  
2012-03-26 14:42
While director Chiranuch Premchaiporn is fearful at the thought of spending the rest of her life in jail, she is determined not to let it grind her down
2012-02-21 10:21
The trial of Chiranuch Premchaiporn, the editor of the Prachatai news website, resumed before a Bangkok court on 14 February after a long interruption, with testimony being heard on 14, 15 and 16 February from five defence witnesses. At the end of yesterday’s hearing, the court announced that it would issue its verdict on 30 April.
2012-02-13 17:53
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is calling for court observers at the resumption of the trial of Chiranuch Premchaiporn, director of the Prachai website, who is being prosecuted under the Computer Crime Act after her arrest in March 2009. The trial of her case, after it was delayed for a variety of reasons, will again resume on February 14 to 16, 2012 at the Criminal Court in Bangkok.
2012-02-11 10:25
International human rights group have jointly sent an open letter to Thailand's Prime Minister and authorities, regarding the trials of Somyot Prueksakasemsuk and Chiranuch Premchaiporn which will resume next week.
2011-11-02 07:15
Mark Zuckerberg faces 15 brutal years in a Thai prison. According to the Computer Crimes Act of Thailand, a website owner is responsible for anything written on their site, not just the actual author of the content. So if anyone posts anything on Facebook that is considered illegal in Thailand, Zuckerberg could be held responsible. The problem is that even talking about this law in Thailand is an offense, so if someone clicks the "like" button on this article from inside their borders, it could mean trouble.
2011-10-12 09:45
Making Internet intermediaries liable for lese-majeste postings is like making restaurant owners liable for what diners say at the dining table, Internet expert Danny O'Brien said yesterday in written testimony to the Thai court trying webmaster Chiranuch Premchaiporn.
2011-10-12 09:43
Judge swamped, justice delayed TRIAL OF CHIRANUCH PREMCHAIPORN DELAYED UNTIL FEBRUARY 14, 15, 16, 2012. The third and final act in the trial of the webmaster of independent news portal Prachatai, Chiranuch Premchaiporn, was scheduled for four days this week with expert witnesses for the defence.
2011-09-22 13:40
“Prachatai exists to promote human rights” The judge presiding over the trial of Chiranuch Premchaiporn, webmaster of Thailand’s independent online news portal, Prachatai, arrived late to court today [21 Sept]. This gave regular observers, local and international activists, NGOs, media representatives and diplomatic staff great pause for concern.
2011-09-22 13:25
Thai webmaster Chiranuch Premchaiporn, facing criminal charges as an intermediary under the Computer Crime Act (CCA), on Wednesday told a court that she had implemented various precautionary measures in trying to prevent unlawful content on her Prachatai web boards.


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