2019-02-12 18:49
Palinee “Pauline” Ngarmpring announced on Friday (8 February) that she has been nominated as one of the Mahachon Party’s three candidates for Prime Minister, marking the first time in Thai history that a transgender person has run for the prime ministerial office.
2019-02-12 17:00
On 13 February 2019, the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) has had a resolution to file the case with the Constitutional Court to rule on dissolution of Thai Raksa Chart (TRC) Party for undermining constitutional monarchy.
2019-02-12 15:16
The national broadcasting regulator has suspended Voice TV for 15 days effective from today (12 February) onward for broadcasting programmes that "caused confusion and societal division".
2019-02-11 18:46
It has been confirmed around 15:00 today (11 February) that the Thai court has dropped the extradition trial of detained footballer and refugee Hakeem al-Araibi, and that Hakeem will be allowed to return to Australia.
2019-02-08 23:45
At 22:10 today (8 February), the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand announced a Royal Command. Symbol of Royal Command The Royal Command begins by mentioning the role of the late King Bhumibol during his 70-year reign, working hard to attain happiness and prosperity for the people.
2019-02-08 11:09
Prayut Chan-o-cha has announced to be PM candidate; Phalang Pracharat Party confirmed earlier that he is only one candidate in the party’s list. Prayut Chan-o-cha Almost at the same time after Thai Raksa Chart (TRC) Party confirms its PM candidate, Prayut Chan-o-cha follows to announce that he has accepted the invitation.
2019-02-08 09:49
On 8 February 2019, former Princess Ubolratana Mahidol was confirmed as having accepted an invitation to be a PM candidate, the first time in Thailand’s political history that a member of the royal family of this rank has stood for election.    Princess Ubolratana
2019-02-07 16:40
Yesterday (6 February 2019), the Football Federation Australia (FFA) issued a statement saying that it has cancelled a proposed trip to Thailand for the under-23 men’s national team, part of its preparation for the 2020 AFC U23 qualifiers in March.        
2019-02-04 19:28
Earlier today (4 February 2019), detained footballer and refugee Hakeem al-Araibi appeared at an extradition hearing at the Ratchadapisek Criminal Court, after prosecutors submitted a request for his extradition on behalf of the Bahraini government last week.
2019-02-04 17:55
An active citizen who resorted to superstition to deal with a pile of garbage has reported that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) says it will address the problem. On 28 January 2019, Methus Kaewsaikao, a courageous citizen, took action to solve the problem of a pile of trash littering the mouth of Soi Lat Phrao 62. By placing offerings to worship the spirit of a fire hydrant and in turn creating a sacred space to deter littering, his method proved to be temporarily effective.


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