28 Nov 2016
Embattled Thai human rights activists insist their innocence as they continue to fight against lawsuits filed by the military.
8 Nov 2016
Parents of a suspect who died while in custody have filed a lawsuit against the Royal Thai Police, alleging that their son was tortured to death.
3 Nov 2016
Police officers have beaten a gambler to death in the middle of a residential area. The officers disappeared after the killing, according to a witness.   On 3 November 2016, police officers from Sutthisan Police Station raided an illegal gambling house in Bangkok and beat Don Daengchantip, 34, to death, reported Manager Online.   The gambling house is located in a high density area of Rungrueang.
28 Sep 2016
Thailand: Torture victims must be heard  
28 Sep 2016
Police and public officials have prevented a press briefing by Amnesty International (AI) on a report about state-sponsored torture, saying that the AI speakers might be charged for not having work permits. On 28 September 2016, at Four Wings Hotel in Bangkok, Special Branch police officers and officials from the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare intervened in a press briefing on an AI report titled “Make Him Speak by Tomorrow: Torture and Other Ill-Treatment in Thailand”.
28 Sep 2016
Since seizing power in a 2014 coup, Thailand’s military authorities have allowed a culture of torture and other ill-treatment to flourish across the country, with soldiers and policemen targeting suspected insurgents, political opponents, and individuals from the most vulnerable sections of society, a new report by Amnesty International said today. 
23 Sep 2016
The outspoken niece of a draftee who was tortured to death has been indicted under the controversial Computer Crime Act for revealing information about torture in military camps.    On 22 September 2016, Prosecutor Rati Cholamyai indicted Naritsarawan Keawnopparat under the Computer Crime Act for disseminating information deemed defamatory to the Royal Thai Army, according to the Cross Cultural Foundation.   Naritsarawan is the niece of Wichian Puaksom, a military conscript who was tortured to death by other soldiers in 2011.
29 Aug 2016
While Thailand is making strides in anti-torture legislation, experts argue the government’s continued prosecution of human rights defenders makes this formal progress hollow. At a public panel convened at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand on Wednesday, 24 August 2016, representatives from local and international organisations called upon the Thai government to drop charges levelled against three human rights defenders investigating torture in Deep Southern Thailand.
25 Aug 2016
Pvt Somchai Si-ueangdoi is from the Karen ethnic group and from Chiang Mai. He decided to serve in the military to earn money to support his mom and sister after his dad passed away.  About two years of conscription, Pvt Somchai was allegedly beaten to death. Like many other cases related to torture in the barracks, the court dismissed the case. 
18 Aug 2016
The outspoken niece of a soldier who was brutally tortured to death in a military barrack has said that an army officer involved in the torture of her uncle has been promoted to a higher rank. The same army officer has accused the niece of offences under the Computer Crime Act.
27 Jul 2016
The post-mortem examination in the death of a young soldier has concluded that he was beaten to death by other soldiers in a military camp in Isaan, northeastern Thailand.   Surin Provincial Court on Tuesday, 26 July 2016, read out the autopsy report on the death of Corporal Krittikon Suthiraphan, 25, a soldier at Weerawat Yothin Army Camp in Surin. Krittikon died in a military prison in Weerawat Yothin Army Camp on 21 February 2016. He was imprisoned after he was accused of assisting other detainees in the military prison to flee.
27 Jul 2016
The arrest of a woman who publicly spoke out against the military over her relative who was tortured to death by the army clearly exposes the difficulties faced by the families of torture victims, as outlined in a Human Rights Watch statement.    On 27 July 2016, Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a statement saying that “Thai authorities should drop trumped-up criminal proceedings” against Naritsarawan Kaewnoppart, who was arrested for publishing the details of her uncle, conscripted Private Wichian Puaksom, who was tortured to death in a military camp in


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