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3 Oct 2008
I recently waved off my brother at Suvarnabhumi Airport on his way home to the UK.  If this were a sensible world, run by rational people, then that should the last time for a long time. 
26 Sep 2008
Oh lordy, lordy.  We get rid of one buffoon only to see the resurrection of another. So farewell then, Samak Sundaravej, he of the conveniently selective memory about, for example, how many deaths occurred on 6 October, an event he was heavily involved in. And welcome back Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, the Henry Kissinger of Thai politics, the eminence grease of the gravelly voice and the Kermit eyes.
19 Sep 2008
I know Thai politics in the foreign media doubles as a comedy act, but when the Guardian announced the result of the last election under the headline ‘TV Chef becomes PM’, I thought things had gone too far.
12 Sep 2008
The one thing they say about the People’s Alliance for Democracy is that their media campaign is brilliant.  Oh yeah? For those of you who have neither the time nor stomach to trawl through the websites, I have selflessly and diligently stolen here a selection of comments on the PAD from foreign sources.
4 Sep 2008
Violence again broke out yesterday evening in the vicinity of Government House when two groups of protestors clashed over whose turn it was to hold the country to ransom.
29 Aug 2008
So I hope we have all synchronized our clocks, watches and computers as of last Saturday.  This was the date when Thai Standard Time came into force. 
22 Aug 2008
In her Bangkok Post op-ed column, Khun Sanitsuda Ekachai, whose daughter must be growing apace to cause Mum such worries, rails against the university selection process. 
15 Aug 2008
The world is really a simple place.  There are the good guys and the bad guys.  And you call the good guys nice things and you say bad things about the bad guys.  And it doesn’t take long before you’re threatening to come in on the side of the good guys to make the bad guys understand that they are in fact bad guys and have to stop acting like that.  Of course, they’ll still be bad guys, but they’ll be bad guys that have been taught a lesson.
8 Aug 2008
Every day has been a hard day at the Article 63 Enforcement Office of the Royal Thai Police, ever since the Samak government forced through the constitutional amendment on the right of the public to hold rallies.
1 Aug 2008
The newly-minted Thai Foreign Minister, Tej Bunnag, hit the ground at some speed, scoring a notable success on his first day at the office.  He met his Cambodian counterpart at Siem Reap and achieved the first step in defusing the tension over the Preah Vihear dispute by securing an agreement to remove the Thai and Cambodian troops occupying both sides of the border.
25 Jul 2008
The increasing difficulty of staying on the right side of the lèse majesté laws can be seen in the travails of two of the leading cabal of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, a movement that up till now has tried to portray itself as firmly in the royalist camp. 
18 Jul 2008
Executives of the ruling Peoples Power Party, and of its coalition partners the Chat Thai and Matchimathippathai parties, have been red-carded by the Election Commission of Thailand.  Their parties consequently face the possibility of dissolution.


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