17 Nov 2015
The Thai Health Promotion Foundation has fallen foul of the anti-corruption vigilantes, who claim that the Foundation has been supporting all sorts of activities that are beyond its mandate, wilfully and wantonly squandering the taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Well, no.
11 Jun 2015
Experts say the boat people crisis is a critical regional problem where responsibility is shared among the countries involved.
28 May 2015
South East Asian waters have seen an influx of an approximate 8000 Rohingyas – Myanmar's ethnic Muslim minority who face persecution and denied citizenship in their homes forcing a mass exodus of them to flee their land. They now face exclusion at sea as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia have denied them access into their borders due to the fear of opening the floodgates to rising costs and difficulties to accommodate thousands of these refugees leaving them floating in cramped boats out in the open sea for weeks now. 
14 May 2015
(Bangkok, May 14, 2015) – Thailand, Malaysia, and 
30 Apr 2015
JAKARTA, 30 April 2015 — Recent statements by Malaysia’s Foreign Minister recognizing the regional significance of the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are a step in the right direction, but ASEAN leaders must take concrete action to address the growing crisis, said ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) this week. 
26 Apr 2015
23 April 2015
23 Apr 2015
Organizers and participants on the Workshop on “Democracy struggle in Thailand and its impact to ASEAN” denounce the illegal military junta ruling Thailand and call for the release of all political prisoners in South East Asia.
10 Mar 2015
A Cambodian academic says the derailment of democracy and coming to power of the junta regime in Thailand sets a bad example for other ASEAN countries.
12 Feb 2015
Press freedom in Thailand has fallen on the Reporters Without Borders index from a ranking of 130 in 2014 to 134 in 2015. Thailand still remains the second best among the ten members of the ASEAN.
15 Dec 2014
Gen Teng Seng thanked Thailand for supporing [Myanmar] on democracy. 
30 Oct 2014
Journalists from Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia have attended a security workshop by the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), held before their trip to the Philippines, which is considered the most dangerous place in the region for reporters.   SEAPA held a workshop on working in dangerous areas in the region for journalists who were awarded fellowships to produce in-depth reports on press freedom, media harassment and impunity.
30 Oct 2014
Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha will pay an official visit to Cambodia today for a two-day trip to strengthen bilateral ties. He is scheduled to meet with his counterpart, Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia, and to have an audience with King Sihamoni, who, on 14 October, celebrated his 10th anniversary of enthronement. Prayuth’s visit is highly significant in many ways, both for his own domestic purposes and for Thailand’s fragile relations with Cambodia.


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