lese majeste

22 Apr 2011
It is recognized that human beings, regardless of origin or status, should have human dignity, liberty, and equality, and show reasonableness and tolerance toward differing opinions, and that in a democratic society, the right to freedom of expression is indispensable and any restriction of this freedom must be in proportion to necessity and not of a form that conflicts with the essence of this freedom.
5 Apr 2011
About 35 democratic groups in Thailand and abroad have aggregated to set up Democracy Networks (DNs) to launch campaigns and activities to call for the cancellation of Article 112 and the freeing of 220 Thai prisoners who have been charged under the lèse majestè law. A seminar and operational plan meeting was organized on April 3, 2011 to exchange knowledge and information about Article 112 and brainstorm to formulate an action plan. 
30 Mar 2011
On 27 Mar, immediately after the public forum held by Nitirassadorn, the group of Thammasat law lecturers, to propose amendments to the lèse majesté law, a group of activists launched a public awareness campaign to call on Thai society to open up discussion and debate about the law.
29 Mar 2011
On 27 Mar, a group of Thammasat law lecturers, called Nitirassadorn or People’s Law, proposed a set of amendments to Article 112 of the Criminal Code in a public forum which drew an audience of hundreds.
27 Mar 2011
On 24 March 2011, Frank G Anderson phoned the office of the prosecutor at Rachadaphisek to inquire re. status of a criminal defamation case filed against him by Pol Col Wattanasak Mungkijkarndee, a close associate of UK national Akbar Khan who had earlier filed an identical allegation with police.
25 Mar 2011
A mildly relieved Chiranuch Premchaiporn of Prachatai heard in court today that a request from authorities to extend her bail conditions has since been dismissed.
25 Mar 2011
Six weeks after the postponement of her trial under charges from the Computer Crimes Act, Chiranuch Premchaiporn of Prachatai (better known as Jiew) finds herself unexpectedly back in a courtroom. 
23 Mar 2011
On 21 Mar, the Criminal Court denied bail for Amphon Tangnoppakul, who was charged with sending lèse majesté messages through SMS to key government figures last year.
23 Mar 2011
On 21 Mar, the Appeals Court denied bail with 1.3 million baht in cash as guarantee for Thanthawut Thaweewarodomkul, the web designer of Nor Por Chor USA, who was sentenced last week to 13 years in jail.
22 Mar 2011
On 19 Mar, during the red shirts’ rally at the Democracy Monument, a CD vendor was arrested and denied the right to consult a lawyer.
17 Mar 2011
In today’s Chamber judgment in the case Otegi Mondragon v. Spain (application no. 2034/07), which is not final1, the European Court of Human Rights held, unanimously, that there had been: A violation of Article 10 (freedom of expression) of the European Convention on Human Rights.
17 Mar 2011
London 16.03.11: Red shirt-affiliated website administrator Thanthawut Taweewarodomkul has been sentenced by a Thai court to 13 years in prison for posting content offending the royal family. ARTICLE 19 is deeply concerned about the mounting clampdown on freedom of expression in Thailand, especially on the internet.


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